Saffron Alternative Healing



"I had a couple of massages with Michelle which were amazing! She mentioned Reiki, I honestly hadn’t checked into it before. Bravely I booked an appointment and was surprised how enlightened I felt. Michelle is very kind, professional and I highly recommend that you should see her! She’s amazing!"

-Marci Powell


"Absolutely amazing, Michelle’s session with my pug Raffi who was having stomach issues worked wonders on her! I highly recommend giving this a try, so worth it!! Michelle does amazing work!!!"

-Paula Hunter


"I was a pretty hard skeptic, I'm not going to lie. But after I went to Michelle for a massage I decided to try Reiki. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have done for many years. Medication helps to some extent but I still felt like it wasn't enough. After my first session I was actually pretty shocked by all the emotions and sensations in my mind and body. I felt lighter and more at peace. I was very surprised with myself that I was able to relax and be so open to the Reiki. Michelle has a very calming, peaceful way about her and I was instantly comfortable.

When I saw recently that Michelle was doing live sessions on Facebook, I wasn't sure if it would have the same effect but decided to give it a shot. I had, had a pretty stressful week and was feeling exhausted and drained. At one point during the session I felt like someone was holding my hand and sending me support and strength. I felt like it was coming from two very special people to me that are passed away. After the session I cried, but not out of sadness, it was like my body and mind were releasing all the bad, and I felt very peaceful. The tension in my back released and it actually felt like I had just had a massage. I was so impressed I tuned in again the next week. At one point just lying back, listening to the relaxing music, the thought “beautiful memories” popped into my head. I'm not exactly sure what that means but it made me feel happy. It's difficult to explain and maybe sounds a bit strange to some.
So, needless to say, I have changed my tune about Reiki. Thank you Michelle, please keep doing what you're' doing!"


-Jill M.


"Always such a treat coming to Michelle for either reiki or massage! She is so thorough, and uses techniques that I have never seen used with any other therapist. Very relaxing and refreshing! Thank you!"

-Holly R.


" I was having really horrible dreams, Michelle said that Reiki might help.  So glad I did it, it was an awesome experience and I don't have the horrible dreams anymore, just normal dreams.  So thankful, thanks Michelle!!"

-Susan R.


"I had a Reiki session with Michelle and it was awesome!  During the session I felt very relaxed.  After the session I felt a weight lifted from me.  She is very kind and compassionate and I highly recommend her."

- Judith K.