Saffron Alternative Healing

Crystals That Help With Anxiety

Amethyst helps to calm the mind, easing anxiety and nervousness, brings feelings of tranquility and peace.  It can help with focus and clearing the mind when feeling overwhelmed.  Believed by Feng Shui practitioners, the presence of amethyst will restore balance to the home.

- Place amethyst on a nightstand for a more restful night’s sleep
- Meditate with amethyst in your hand or on the ground around you
- Place it on a desk to bring calm at work
- Wear amethyst jewelry to restore balance and sense of calm in your life
- Place on your forehead to calm an anxious mind

Rose Quartz is the crystal of universal love.  Love is the highest frequency there is, making this an important stone for everyone seeking to raise their frequency and vibration.  Helps to calm and center when feelings of stress or anxiousness arise.  Highly effective stone for opening up, activating and balancing the heart chakra.  Rose Quartz will help to bring harmony, love and peace to someone who uses it which can alleviate anxiety which can be caused by several things, including heartache, trauma and pain.

- Place on a windowsill to bring harmony and peace to a room
- Place under your pillow or on a nightstand to promote a peaceful sleep
- Meditate by holding in your hand or placing on your heart chakra 
- Use with deep breathing exercises to help with anxiety 

Selenite clears negative energy, brings a sense of peace, calmness, and relaxation to any space.  Selenite dissolves in water and as it is a stone that cleanses itself, there is no need to cleanse this stone for energies that it absorbs.  Selenite will also cleanse any stones that are near it or placed on it.

- Selenite lamps bring ambient light and tranquil energy to any room
- Cleanses other crystals
- Clears negative energy from any space, person, or object
- Place over heart chakra or root chakra to help alleviate anxiety or panic

Red Jasper is known as the Nurturer’s Stone or Supreme Nurturer.  This crystal is calming that helps nervousness, stress, and anxiety while also promoting a grounding energy. 

- Place Red Jasper between your feet to center and ground your energy
- Wear to alleviate stress, anxiety and nervousness
- Hold in palm of hand while meditating or doing a breathing exercise to balance the chakras

Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone and helps to release negative energies from the aura.  Smokey quartz will help to support recovery from a traumatic or stressful experience, as it’s a natural cleansing stone.

- Use a Smoky Quartz point between your feet to direct any negative energy up and out of the body, do this for about 10-15 minutes
- Place at the base of the spine to help ground your energy
- Wear it as jewelry or carry in your pocket to balance emotions

Citrine is known as the stone of confidence, prosperity, and joy.  This stone is protecting, energizing and will help with any feelings of being drained or unmotivated. Citrine helps with focus and concentration, and encourages feelings of bravery and confidence.

- Wear or carry in your pocket to help nervousness during social gatherings
- Place on Solar Plexus chakra to balance this energy centre
- Wearing or carrying this stone is believed to improve digestion, help with the kidneys, bladder, gall bladder or urinary tract issues
- Place in a room facing a doorway to promote abundance 

Howlite helps with difficulties of all kinds, whether it’s a difficult family situation, dealing with frustrations at work, or just every day life’s ups and downs.  Howlite will help to clear emotional negative energy, improve clarity and improve sleep. 

- Place Howlite under your pillow or on your nightstand to improve sleep
- Carry or wear Howlite if you are feeling overwhelmed in public spaces
- Place in palm while meditating to release anger, stress and other negative emotions

Sodalite helps to calm the mind, promotes rational thinking and clarity, helps to improve and strengthen the intuition, and tap into your inner knowing and higher self.  Sodalite can help us to communicate our feelings, and emotions, as well as promote feelings of understanding which in turn helps to alleviate anxiety and stress.

- Place on third eye chakra to improve intuition
- Place on throat charka to improve communication and speaking your truth
- Wear or place in pocket to balance energy between the mind and body
- Place under pillow or on nightstand to wake up feeling refreshed, and to help  with having a greater understanding and mindset

Black Tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal, especially effective for anyone feeling overwhelmed by life.  This crystal helps to stay focused and calm.  Black Tourmaline protects any space from negative energy.  Helps to ease feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiousness.

- Wear it to protect your energy field from absorbing negative energy
- Hold it in your palm while meditating to promote harmony and a peaceful mind 
- Place in a room to remove negative energy and/or cleanse negative energy