Saffron Alternative Healing

Understanding Various Crystal Shapes

Why are crystals special?  How can we heal with the use of crystals?  Why do crystals have different shapes and what to do they do?  Rough stones, tumbled stones, palm stones, pyramids, towers, generators, points, spheres, specimens, and clusters, cathedrals, oh my!!!


Crystals have their own unique healing properties, their own energy, frequency, and vibration.  When choosing a crystal, always go with what you are drawn to.  Some crystals will align with your energy better than others.  Even stones from the same type of crystal can have a different alignment with your energy.  Some crystals may have a higher energy while others have a more calming and soothing effect.  Listen to how your body responds, the energy you feel is always correct.  


Rough stones are small and in their natural crystal form.  Some rough crystals may have sharper edges so it is important to handle them with care.  They make wonderful tools for crystal and energy healing.


Tumbled stones start as a rough stone and go through a polishing process either using a rotary or vibratory rock tumbling machine, can be polished by hand using a foot pedal or electric tumble machine or even done through nature (although this takes several years).  The polishing processes bring out their vibrant colours and natural luster.  Tumbled stones are perfect for carrying in your pocket, wearing as jewelry, and or crystal and energy healing.  The energy, frequency, and vibration of a crystal is maintained even though they go through this finishing process.


Palm stones are specifically designed to fit in the palm of your hand.  Mystic Merlinite is my favourite palm stone.  Anyone that holds this palm stone can feel it’s energy easily.  It’s simply amazing!


Pyramids are wonderful to help manifest goals.  The pyramid shape increases energy therefore increasing your manifestations.  Its wide base is grounding with the earth while the point at the top is said to take your manifestations to the heavens and universe, while drawing away negative energy and clearing blockages.  


Towers, Generators and Points are all intended for the same purposes, generating energy and projecting energy.  These make excellent tools while meditating, helping to focus, concentrate and gather energy while amplifying the energy to where you’d like it to go.  Towers, generators, and points also help to create feelings of strength.  These types of crystals also help to recharge other crystals and gemstones.  These types of crystals also help with balancing energy and used by some healing practitioners as excellent channeling tools.  These crystal shapes are also used with crystal grids, that help with manifesting goals.


Spheres are powerful tools that emit harmony and positivity.  These are used to also help balance and heal the aura (energy field around the body) as the energy from this shape radiates in all directions at once.  Various shapes of the crystals change the frequency of the crystal, since a sphere is completely symmetrical it is thought to hold the highest frequency, emitting the most powerful energy.  Spheres help to neutralize negative emotions and create a calming atmosphere.  Spheres can be utilized in alignment with Feng Shui, bringing balance in the home.  Placing a sphere in the southwest is thought to bring more love, placing a sphere in the northeast is believed to help with personal growth and placing a sphere in the west is thought to help creativity.  


Specimens are the most natural form of any crystal and or mineral and range considerably in size.  A cluster is a group of crystals that have merged or grown together.  Clusters radiate an increased amount of energy as they usually have several points on them.  This fills the space in your home or office with positive energy while removing negative energy.  Cathedrals are very high vibrational crystals, which come in a range of sizes, and can assist is raising ones’ vibration.  Crystal specimens, clusters and cathedrals make beautiful additions to any home or office décor while improving the balance and energy of the space.


If you have any questions regarding crystals please feel free to ask and we will assist you with these magnificent healing tools.